Final Infographic solution. Click for pdf.

Final Infographic solution. Click for pdf.

Bicycling in Seattle is a popular activity that commuters, athletes or causal riders do. Seattle is ranked high in growth of bicycle commuters in the past years. Who make up the population of bike riders in Seattle? What type of accidents are common between car and cyclists? What type of infrastructure is available for bicyclists to ride safely to their destination? These are all questions that are answered in this infographic. 

Partner / Mahlon Houk

Problem / Design a compelling info/data graphic narrative. The poster should describe and analyze, through info/data graphics and text, bicycling in Seattle and its related issues. The audience is the interested general public. 

Solution / This infographic addresses many questions that bicycle riders have. The answers are catered specifically to Seattle but can also apply in many other areas. Green is a main color of choice because it's associated with safety, traffic, and green painted bike lanes. 

Process / Research the content. Anything related to bicycles in Seattle: accident rates, increase ridership, community building, types of bike infrastructure, cost, commuters, creation of protected bike lanes, and how the city is making bicycling safer for everyone. Then create compelling visuals to illustrate the information. Using different types of infographics: pictorial, relational, and/or quantitative. Then finally put it all together to create a compelling narrative.